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How to copy Windows error text?

How to copy Windows Error Messages Text?

Often in everyday life, we use the computer at the time faced with such a problem that Windows informs us about the different updates or errors in the form of pop-up window. But unfortunately we do not always understand what it means, and often attempt to find a solution to this problem that will no longer face the problem that the computer stops working! We are looking for a solution to this problem from the technical support, write in forums about the problem or looking in google. That is why it is necessary and very convenient to copy the text from that jumped out of the window, it was not necessary to rewrite the entire text of his hands from the window. Continue reading this article how to copy text from Windows screen.

Error log
Copying text Windows system errors.
If you have problems in the work, Windows informs you about system messages. To get information about the message and understand the reasons should contact the technical support or ask a question at the forum. In this case, the system must provide the text of the message. There are several options how to provide the text of the message.

  1. Photo (but not always convenient).
  2. Rewrite the hands (not too much).
  3. Copy the text of the message.

And such a function in Win 7 and more ..

To copy the system message text you must open a text editor (Notepad, Word, etc.). Then click an empty area of ​​the error message and press Ctrl + A, as if we select the entire text. Naturally any discharge, we do not see. Then press the key combination Ctrl + C (copy) and switch to the text editor where the inserts (Ctrl + V). All, the entire text of the message, its title and the text of all the buttons will be inserted into the document. Then you can copy a portion or all of the entire site and send it to technical support or ask questions on specialized forum.