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How to count the number of characters in the text with the help of the Word?

Sometimes user see that in MS Word program needs to count numbers of the words,it can be necessary in any case,the translation of the text,in writing diploma,composition or you work as Copywriter.When you have this task,you think that you will be able to count the number of words in manual,and of course you can do that,but it will take a lot of time.To count your text manual not necessary.It’s 21 century-century of computer technologise.So this work will make the computer.

In this article we will tell you and show you how easily do your work,without time-consuming.This method will save your time.MS Word 2013 will be as example,but the principle doesn’t change also on other programs:

The first thing you need to:

Insert the necessary text into MS Word

Select the text which you want to calculate,with left mouse button

Find the section”Reviewing”in a control bar

Next step will be in”Reviewing”,find the point “Statistics”

As soon as you clicked the”Statistics”button,window will appear where you can find all the necessary information about your text:number of words,signs with/without gaps,to the numbers of lines and paragraphs.

So simple and quickly! Use this information!

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The following article will tell you how to make the review of documents,essay or composition,project MS Word.

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